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Plant Inspiration from Local Businesses

Spring might almost be over, but it’s never too late to add some plants and greenery to your space! Plants serve so many different purposes - decoration, fresh and clean air, natural bug repellents - they add life to your life!

Find your perfect plant baby at one of these amazing small businesses. Not all plants can be shipped everywhere, so if you’re not located close to one of these gems, take this as inspiration, find your local nursery, and load up on some new plants!

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When you want to create your own little world

A custom terrarium is the perfect way to design your own ecosystem! Plant Therapy, based in San Francisco, has an in-house plant artist, Negar, who designs custom terrariums inspired by nature.

These are a low maintenance way to spruce up your living room or home office! They also make for great gifts. You can even email Plant Therapy inspiration photos and they’ll design a terrarium to match what you’re looking for!

SHOP Custom Terrariums, $45+, available at Plant Therapy

Add a little bit of tropical to your home

Roots, based in San Francisco, is an indoor jungle of unique and rare house plants. This Croton Mammy (yup, that’s what the plant is called!) is a gorgeous multihued little gem that is sure to add flair to any space. Be sure to give this little guy lots of direct sun!

SHOP Croton Mammy, $30, available at Roots

Pet approved plants

If you have a curious little pet roaming around your home, it’s crucial to pick a plant that’s safe around animals. Plants and Friends, located in San Francisco, makes it easy to pick pet friendly plants to liven up your space. Better yet, they offer free delivery for orders over $50 if you live within 10 miles of one of their stores!

Plant and Friends boasts a multidimensional space that aims to bring out our curiosity for nature, so maybe check them out in person and get inspired by their artisanal approach to selecting beautiful plants!

SHOP Watermelon Peperomia, $48, available at Plants and Friends

A plant with two personalities

This is probably the coolest plant we’ve ever seen! This two toned “prayer plant” behaves differently throughout the day. At night, the plant’s leaves perk up high, during the day, they bow down low. A treat to watch throughout the day!

Find this unique plant at The Plant Fairies, based in San Francisco. More than just a shop for plants and accessories, The Plant Fairies offers interior plant design and maintenance, so you can decorate and design the indoor plant space of your dreams!

SHOP Maranta Leuconeura, $25, available at The Plant Fairies

Every gardener needs their tools

Keep your plants healthy and hydrated with this chic clear glass mister from Paxton Gate, based in San Francisco. Paxton Gate first opened its doors in 1992! Their vision: bringing treasures and oddities inspired by the garden and natural sciences to shoppers like us. Their shop is unlike anything we’ve seen before, filled with unique and rare items.

As they’ve grown, they’ve opened up more stores (in San Francisco and Portland) and are active in giving back to the community, by being involved with several local organizations.

SHOP Copper Mister with Clear Glass, $32, available at Paxton Gate

We hope you’ve found some plant inspiration from this post - maybe some ideas for a little project for the long weekend ahead?

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