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Discover, Shop, and Support a Women-Owned Business Today!

Women entrepreneurs are a powerful driving force in our economy!

The 2019 State of Women-Owned Business Report. commissioned by American Express, states that women own nearly 13 million businesses, that’s 42 percent of all small businesses in the U.S! And those women spread the wealth - with 46% of businesses employing 2-5 people and 14% employ 50+ employees, according to Guidant Financial.

With all these amazing women-owned businesses, there are no excuses to find a new favorite to support!

At CloseBuy, we have new badges that let you easily spot (and soon filter by) women-owned businesses (along with black- and minority-owned businesses). To download CloseBuy and find amazing independent retailers as you shop online, check out our tutorial and download here.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite female entrepreneurs you can find using CloseBuy!

A Priori - a shop that gives back

Lisa Tana and Amy Rosenfeld have built a loyal base of shoppers in their quaint Berkeley, CA based shop. The duo host unique product showcases and are dedicated to several local initiatives, such as supporting local schools and non-profit organizations. Their involvement in the community has instilled a sense of local pride for A Priori. This is a business that truly gives back to its community!

From home decor to jewelry to beauty - there’s something for everyone at A Priori. Some of the best items are curated from local artists, like this gorgeous blue bird print from artist Amy Rose.

SHOP BlueBird Print, $42, available at A Priori

Mac & Mabel - balance and style, vintage-inspired

Mac & Mabel is a fun play on the masculine (Mac) and the feminine (Mabel) side of design, resulting in a balance of function and style. Keri Crossley’s Redmond, WA based shop has all your home decor needs. Find vintage-inspired, rustic home decor to complete your space!

Grab this funky and fun light fan to add a bit of rustic charm to your living room!

SHOP Triple Light Fan, $144.99, available at Mac & Mabel

Happy Trails - unique retro and vintage finds

Happy Trails began in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, as a hodgepodge of vintage furniture and retro housewares. After opening several locations, Gretchen McMann was forced to close all locations in 2009. After a short break away, Gretchen picked back up her entrepreneurial roots and opened Happy Trails once again.

Discover funky finds, with a splash of Bay Area pride, at the Oakland, CA based location. Show off your spunky side with this Boss Lady flask. And every order includes free bazooka bubblegum!

SHOP Boss Lady Flask, $32.95, available at Happy Trails Home

Mudpie - European inspired items for kids and adults

Mudpie began as a way to bring European clothes and toys to San Francisco back in 1976. Since then, the mother-daughter duo at Mudpie have expanded to include high quality and unique items for us grown-ups too! This one-of-a-kind shop is housed in a beautiful Victorian in the heart of San Francisco.

Find cozy happy socks like these rainbow socks and more, for both kids and adults, at Mudpie!

SHOP Happy Rainbow Socks, $17, available at Mudpie

Sun Post - eco-friendly and sustainable

Owners Kaylee and Grace built a sustainable business that’s focused on saving the planet while staying beautiful! Their store features eco-friendly beauty products, vintage items, and amazing finds from local artists - all focused on making sustainable goods available to everyone!

We can’t get enough of the gorgeous and sparkly lollipops - they’re even better when they’re rosé flavored!

SHOP Rose Wine Sparkle Lollipop, $5, available at Sun Post

These are just a few of our favorite women entrepreneurs that you can find with CloseBuy! If there's a small business you're dying to tell the world about, join our Facebook group and share the businesses you love supporting!

And while you're at it, sign our Save Small Businesses pledge and let the world know you are a Small Business Champion!

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