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Black-Owned Brands to Shop This Black History Month — and Always!

As black and brown founders ourselves, we knew from Day 1 at CloseBuy that we wanted to showcase and promote underrepresented minority merchants. That’s why we have badges for black/minority-owned businesses in our extension, empowering our shoppers to easily see who they’re supporting!

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve curated a shortlist of our favorite Black merchants. These businesses have unique, high-quality products, equally impressive backstories, and missions that shape the products they bring to you.

(If you want to download CloseBuy and find amazing independent retailers as you shop online, check out our tutorial and download here.)

Stand for what you support - and be proud to show it off

Cease Racism's mission is just that - to stop racism. Their apparel offers those who aren't able to march or protest or donate to every organization make a statement, together. Find this tee, along with other strong, positive messages at Cease Racism.

In addition to getting an amazing product, you can feel good about purchases from Cease Racism - they donate a portion of their proceeds to non profits fighting against racism!

SHOP: You Had Me at Justice Tee, $25, available at Cease Racism

Ethical and sustainable vegan shoes that make the world a better place

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu started soleRebels as a way to blend together her Ethiopian heritage and the traditional Ethiopian shoe in a unique and artistic way.

Each shoe is handcrafted in Ethiopia, employing dozens of artists and offering them medical benefits and wages 3 times the industry average. All shoes are made with sustainable materials and ultimate comfort in mind. You can feel good, and look stylish, sporting anything from soleRebels!

SHOP: Urban Runner tght, $120, available at SoleRebels

Surround yourself with positive intent

Rochelle, the owner of Rayo & Honey, blends together pop culture, affirming quotes, and literature to create art that uplifts the spirit. These modern day affirmations as wearable or hangable art let you express your personality in a soulful way.

Based in Brooklyn, Rochelle creates all items by hand, crafting "goods with positive intent." As a bonus, Rayo & Honey was recently on Oprah's list of favorite things!

SHOP: various pennants, $75 each, available at Rayo & Honey

Make time for self care in 2021 and beyond

If 2020 has shown us anything, it's that peace and tranquility are not something we should ever take for granted again. At Satya & Sage, immerse yourself in scents that evoke calmness and start a new ritual of self care this year. Satya means observing your truth and Sage means ridding yourself of negativity - there isn't a better combination to kick off a year of self care!

As a bonus, they have a candle refilling service - allowing you to enjoy more of their scents while being ecologically conscious!

SHOP: various candles, $18+, available at Satya & Sage

Organic haircare to bring out the natural beauty in us all

Loving Culture's mission is to "promote toxic free self-care" through their transformative hair oils, that will revitalize your hair and return it back to it's natural state (before we destroyed it with bleach and color and heat....)

Mary-Andree Ardouin-Guerrier founded Loving Culture during her own transition to a more holistic and healthier lifestyle. Her mission is to help you join her in this new lifestyle. And her products are socially conscious and sustainable, as well!

SHOP: Revitalizing Organic Hair Oil, $35, available at Loving Culture

The hard conversations that have to start somewhere

These series of books will empower kids to learn and make sense of challenging and complex topics. They are also a launching pad for parents to start having these difficult conversations, that frankly need to happen sooner than we think!

Each author comes from a unique and different background, and they share their diverse stories in an incredible and engaging way. These are kids books that matter and that don't shy away from the most difficult parts of any conversation.

SHOP: A Kids Book About Systemic Racism, $19.95, available at A Kids Book About

Representation in toys matters

Dr. Lisa, a former professor, has spent her career building up the self-esteem of young children. She sees the beauty of the diversity in all of us, and strives to bring that beauty to life in her dolls. The authenticity she brings to life in her dolls allows a new generation of children to see themselves reflected in the toys they play with. The Fresh Dolls have a diverse set of dolls that almost every kid can find one they seem themselves in!

SHOP: Positively Perfect™ KIARA Toddler Doll, $29.99, available at The Fresh Dolls

We hope you enjoyed this list of unique products from some of the entrepreneurs we help our CloseBuyers discover with our product. If you'd like know if items you're searching for online can be found at a small business, check out CloseBuy!

And while you're at it, sign our Save Small Businesses pledge and let the world know you are a Small Business Champion!

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