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A Pledge to Save Small Businesses

Welcome to CloseBuy! Our mission is to make it easy for you to shop at and support small and local independent businesses across the U.S.

(If you want to see how CloseBuy works and to download it, check out our tutorial here.)

The devastation independently owned businesses have endured this past year is no surprise to anyone. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities - they add diversity, vibrancy, and culture to the places we call home.

Small businesses have a big impact - they employ millions of Americans and generate more than half of all U.S. sales.

We built CloseBuy to help keep those businesses alive.

When we experienced our first shutdown in early 2020, I turned to baking, like many did across the world. I was obsessed with pizza in particular, and wanted to amp up my pizza game with a pizza stone. The first place I started my search was Amazon, and I felt awful that Amazon was starting to become my default choice, especially as independent merchants were closing down.

I told myself, I would buy this pizza stone from a local merchant! That’s when I blanked. There wasn’t an easy way to search only small businesses. I tried Yelp and Google, but it was a friction filled process where I had to go to each individual website and scroll through the inventory, hoping to find what I needed.

That was the genesis of CloseBuy. We wanted to take the friction out of shopping small and make it as easy as searching anything else on the web.

CloseBuy in action!

With the CloseBuy browser extension installed, just search as you normally would on Amazon. We’ll compare your search term to our database of small and local independent merchants and display the most relevant items. You can filter to see items near you, or view items from independently owned businesses across the U.S.

You can also view black/minority owned businesses, as well. Soon we’ll have the option to filter by those businesses, by price, and much more!

The Pledge

To spread the word of our mission, we've created the Save Small Businesses Pledge, as a way for ~you~ to join in on our mission. By signing the pledge, you showcase your commitment to support small and local independent merchants.

Sign the Pledge today and show your commitment to supporting independent merchants. When you sign our pledge, you'll get a super cool custom badge you can add to social media to showcase your dedication and support!

Thank you for reading and coming along this journey with us! Our goal is to help you easily find the best items from independently owned businesses.

If there is a product or business you’d like to see on CloseBuy, let us know at! Or just drop us a line to say ‘hello’ and let us know how we’re doing - we love hearing from our loyal CloseBuyers!

Don’t be shy about sharing with your friends and family - we all need to work together to help small businesses make it through 2021 and beyond!

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