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Small business

Shopping Small Businesses,

Made Simple

Easily browse unique products from independent businesses all over the U.S. 
*it's free!

Install in seconds, shop like normal

Downloading the CloseBuy browser extension takes 2 clicks and it's 100% free. Shop normally at any online retailer, if a store in our network has what you need, we alert you and give you the option to purchase from a small business.



Instant access to unique independent businesses

We are continually adding new stores each day and growing our network. If there's a store you want to see in our network, let us know!

Browse local stores or all small businesses nationwide

Filter to select local stores near you and pick up items today! Or choose to browse products from all small businesses across the U.S. With fast, convenient shipping options, ​you'll get your items just as fast as from the big guys. 


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Our Mission 

At CloseBuy, we believe each individual has the power to make an impact. Small businesses are the heart of communities around the country, and we’ve created a platform that empowers both consumers and businesses to connect in new ways. 

CloseBuy's technology gives shoppers the convenience and accessibility of shopping at online retail giants, but at the small business level. We allow you to see what these entrepreneurs have available so you can be empowered to support independent businesses everywhere.


Shop small, make a difference!

*it's free!
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